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How to choose the food sterilizer retort ?

Selection principle of sterilizing retort
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1. Mainly choose from the temperature control accuracy and the uniformity of heat distribution. If the product requires very strict temperature, especially for export products, because the heat distribution is required to be very uniform, you should try to choose a computer automatic sterilizer. The temperature control and pressure control of the computer semi-automatic sterilizer are the same as the computer full-automatic, but the price is 1/3 of the computer full-automatic. General requirements can choose electric semi-automatic sterilizer. Manual sterilizers are difficult to sterilize, temperature control and pressure control are all done manually, it is difficult to grasp the appearance of food, and the expansion rate of cans (bags) and breakage is high.

2. If the product is a glass bottle or tinplate, since the heating and cooling speeds are required to be controllable, try not to choose a double-layer sterilizing retort.

3. If you consider saving energy, you can choose a double-layer sterilizing pot. Its characteristic is that the upper tank is a hot water tank, and the lower tank is a treatment tank. The hot water in the upper tank is reused, which can save a lot of steam, and is suitable for a daily output of more than 10 tons. food production enterprises.

4. If the output is small or there is no boiler, you can consider using an electric-steam dual-purpose sterilizing pot. The principle is that the steam is generated by the electric heating of the upper tank, and the lower tank is sterilized.

5. If the product has a high viscosity and the product needs to be rotated during the sterilization process, you should choose a rotary sterilizer.

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