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What are the attentions for the food high temperature sterilization?

the attentions of food high temperature sterilization
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The high temperature sterilization of food is very important for a food processing plant! It has the following two characteristics:

1. One-time: The high-temperature sterilization work must be completed at one time from the beginning to the end without interruption, and the food cannot be sterilized repeatedly.

2. The abstraction of the sterilization effect: The effect of the sterilized food cannot be detected with the naked eye, and the bacterial culture test also takes a week, so it is impossible to test the sterilization effect of each batch of food.

Based on the above characteristics, this requires manufacturers to:

1. The first thing is to do a good job in the hygiene uniformity of the entire food processing chain, to ensure that the initial amount of bacteria in each bag of food is equal before bagging, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the established sterilization formula.

2. The second requirement is to have sterilizing equipment with stable performance and precise temperature control, which can execute the established sterilizing formula without failure and with minimal error, so as to ensure the standardization and uniformity of the sterilizing effect.

Zhonggong sterilizer retort uses data to speak, and the heat distribution deviation can be as small as ±0.15. It meets the gold standard of the sterilizer industry and has a good sterilizing effect.