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how to sterilization for pouch

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If the food is not sterilized after vacuum packaging, it will hardly extend the shelf life of cooked food. Because cooked food is rich in moisture and nutrients, and is easy to breed bacteria, this worker has done experiments, and sometimes vacuum packaging accelerates the decay rate of some foods. However, if sterilization measures are taken after vacuum packaging, the shelf life varies from 15 days to 360 days according to different sterilization requirements. For example, dairy products can be safely stored at room temperature within 15 days after vacuum packaging and microwave sterilization. Smoked chicken products can be stored for 6-12 months or even longer after vacuum packaging and high-temperature sterilization. After vacuum packaging with food vacuum packaging machine, bacteria will still multiply in the product, so sterilization must be carried out. There are several forms of sterilization. For some cooked vegetables, the sterilization temperature does not need to exceed 100 ℃, so you can choose the pasteurization line. If it exceeds 100 ℃, you can choose the high-temperature high-pressure sterilization kettle for sterilization. Of course, different products need you to develop different sterilization processes.

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