Rotary retort

Rotary retort mainly suit for porridge products hight temperature sterilization

  • Rotary retort
  • Rotary retort

Rotary retort

Rotary retort mainly suit for porridge products hight temperature sterilization...
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Application Industry:

Especially suitable for sticky canning food with more solid percent than liquid percent and with different densities, makes product rotate during sterilizing process, and realizes purpose of without de lamination and sedimentation during quality , guarantee period (for example,  products such as eight-treasure porridge), guarantee period(for example, products such as eight-treasure porridge, tinplate can, plastic can and soft packing that is liable to have sedimentation)

Sterilization methods:

Water spray,water immersion,steam

Scope of application:

1.Cans:Tin can , tinplate, aluminum can

2.Flexible package: PP/PE package,stand pouches retort pouch, aluminum foil bag , high temperature bags, and vacuum bags

3.Plastic :PP bottles, HDPE bottles

4.Glass bottles:bottled food

Examples: mixed congee meat,seafood,beverage,milk,chilli sauce,potato jam,tomato ketchup ect

All of our sterilization retorts tanks made by sus30408


Application industry


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